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YARD Business Center

The modern official building complex is ready to be operated and occupied by tenants. There installation and fitting-out works were performed in partial scope and on a tight schedule.

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Eseninskiy Business Center

This commercial real estate small-size complex (a detached house) is located in the south part of Moscow center beyond the Garden Ring Road.

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Aviator, Business Center

A peculiar architectural look of this non-standard building with windows chequerwise arrangement will be present to your mind for a long time.

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Impersky Dom, Business Center

Impersky Dom occupies a territory of 10 000 sq m in total. The main difficulty in engineering services performance was a necessity to maintain a certain temperature mode in the unheated place to enable finishing materials to dry.

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AIP Group of Companies

“Audit i pravo” is approved itself as a reliable business partner. Since many years there is a collaboration and exchange of experience in offering multi-task solutions and offices equipping TSA GROUP and “Audit i pravo” Company.

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