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Nagatino ZIL (i-Land), Business Center and Technopark

Nagatino i-Land technopark is one of the biggest and most important commercial real estates in Moscow. The engineering works and equipment installation have been performed subject to integration into the complex structure of engineering systems around the territory of 3000 square meters.

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Brent City

Brent City is a premium-class commercial real estates complex which was built in historical center of Moscow in place of one of the industrial units.

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YARD Business Center

The modern official building complex is ready to be operated and occupied by tenants. There installation and fitting-out works were performed in partial scope and on a tight schedule.

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Eseninskiy Business Center

This commercial real estate small-size complex (a detached house) is located in the south part of Moscow center beyond the Garden Ring Road.

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Aviator, Business Center

A peculiar architectural look of this non-standard building with windows chequerwise arrangement will be present to your mind for a long time.

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